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Paint by Sherwin-Williams

Depending upon the stage of construction, Liberty Homes VA offers two different colors of wall paint. You may also upgrade to white ceilings if desired. See agent for details and pricing.

NOTE: Actual color may vary from on screen representation

Wall and Ceiling Paint

City Loft SW.webp

Exterior Door Paint

Smoky Azurite.PNG
2019-05-03 15.03.47.jpg
2019-07-25 09.56.25.jpg
Real Red.PNG
2019-07-25 09.56.25.jpg
Colonial Yellow.PNG
2020-06-10 09.24.44.jpg
Blithe Blue.PNG
2020-05-07 09.46.16.jpg

In addition to the Exterior Door selections above the following colors are available. These are color matched to the shutter selections.


Swatches and descriptions of products were obtained from the manufacturers website. Liberty Homes VA Inc. can not guarantee that selections, shades, style and colors will be exact to the manufacturers images. Consult agent to see physical selections of these images.

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