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Shutters by Mid America

Mid-America is obsessed with all of the little details that go into making our lineup one of the most comprehensive selections of exterior vinyl shutters. From the classic look of louvered shutters to the craftsman style of board and batten, these shutters complement most styles of homes and add a layer of detail that homeowners value.

Louvered Shutter.JPG


Louvered Shutter

Raised Panel Shutter.JPG


Raised Panel Shutter

Board and Batt Shutter.JPG


Board and Batt Shutter

New Selection!

BB Stock Photo.JPG

Stock photo from manufacturers website

Wide Window Trim.JPG


Wide White

Window Trim

2019-05-15 13.59.34.jpg

Available Shutter Colors


Swatches and descriptions of products were obtained from the manufacturers website. Liberty Homes VA Inc. can not guarantee that selections, shades, style and colors will be exact to the manufacturers images. Consult agent to see physical selections of these images.

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