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Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Standard in Some Rooms

Beauflor Luxury Vinyl Roll in the Reflect+ collection features an a wide range of on-trend visuals including marble looks. The wood looks offer

a diverse selection of designs ranging from wide and long to short and narrow planks in popular colors such as greige and blonde. The tile looks emulate the organic colors and textures of natural stone in standard 12" x 24" and larger format tile sizes.

Storywood Sand.JPG

Storywood Sand

Storywood Mink.JPG

Storywood Mink

Regal Oak Ash.JPG

Regal Oak Ash

Regal Oak Mocha.JPG

Regal Oak Mocha

Mystic Oak Spice.JPG

Mystic Oak Spice

Mystic Oak Coffee.JPG

Mystic Oak Coffee

Fable Oak Latte.JPG

Fable Oak Latte

Fable Oak Peanut.JPG

Fable Oak Peanut

Castlewood Thunder.JPG

Castlewood Thunder

Castlewood Oat.JPG

Castlewood Oat

Reflection Fossil.JPG

Revelation Fossil

Reflection Stone.JPG

Revelation Stone

Muse Parchment.JPG

Muse Parchment

Muse Shell.JPG

Muse Shell

Muse Fog.JPG

Muse Fog

Muse Charcoal.JPG

Muse Charcoal

Oracle Bone.JPG

Oracle Bone

Oracle Dove.JPG

Oracle Dove

Oracle Fawn.JPG

Oracle Fawn

Splendor Ivory.JPG

Splendor Ivory

Swatches and descriptions of products were obtained from the manufacturers website. Liberty Homes VA Inc. can not guarantee that selections, shades, style and colors will be exact to the manufacturers images. Consult agent to see physical selections of these images.

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