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Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Standard in Some Rooms

Armstrong Flooring in FlexStep Value Plus features an easy to clean, scratch and stain protected surface with a urethane finish. The only choice

to make is what design you want to feature in your home. See more information at 

Vinyl - Dovetail.png

Covington Oak - Dovetail 

Vinyl - Emeline Grey.png

Hardland Oak - Emeline Grey

Vinyl - Alex Grey.png

Hardland Oak - Alex Grey 

Vinyl - Chesnut Brown.png

Oak Creek - Chestnut Brown

Vinyl - Cocoa Brown.png

Chicksaw Oak - Cocoa Brown

Vinyl - Oyster White.png

Carriage Path - Oyster White

Vinyl - Cafe Creme.png

Saratoga Stone - Cafe Creme

Vinyl - Icing Baron.png

Selvr Travertine - Icing Baron

Vinyl - Alabaster.png

Venetian Marble - Alabaster

Swatches and descriptions of products were obtained from the manufacturers website. Liberty Homes VA Inc. can not guarantee that selections, shades, style and colors will be exact to the manufacturers images. Consult agent to see physical selections of these images.

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